Description of reishi mushroom

Reishi mushroom on a treeReishi is a widespread variety of the fungus - a polypore with pronounced therapeutic properties. The history of its application in folk medicine has hundreds of years and the first who tested the fungus were people of China and Japan. Nowadays reishi is becoming more popular also in Russia, and not only among ordinary people but also among qualified doctors.
Most reishi mushrooms available on the market today have been grown artificially in greenhouses because reishi is not so wildly spread in nature as other edible mushrooms. In Russia wild reishi can be found only in Altai, Northern Caucasus and in Krasnodarsdky Krai regions.   This is why the price for wild vrafted reishi is so high. Reishi almost never grows on live trees, but if this happens, it may only indicate that the tree is going to die soon. Reishi is much thought after its health properties thanks to its chemical composition.

Description of reishi mushroom

The following reishi chemical constituents are the most valuable:

Therapeutic properties of the Reishi mushroom and its use in folk medicine

Due to its unique composition and excellent healing properties Reishi mushroom is very widely used both in folk medicine and as one of the components in various biologically active food supplements.


It has long been proven that Reishi mushroom quickly removes skin itching, eliminates edema and other effects of skin dermatitis. This occurs due to the active components, which are abundant in this fungus including ganodermic acid.

Heart and vascular disease

Again, due to its chemical composition, Reishi has an anti-sclerotic effect, actively fights against cholesterol, does not give rise to clots.
Preparations that contain Reishi mushroom improve myocardial oxygen supply and have excellent cardiotonic effects, contributing to the normalization of the strength and rate of the heart.

Gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, colitis, etc.)

Due to the presence in ganoderma of magnesium, vitamins B and triterpenoids, an antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and even pain-relieving effect can be achieved! The smooth musculature of the intestine would completely relax thus eliminating cramps. With daily use of preparations based on the fungus, elimination of symptoms of dysbacteriosis and normalization of the composition of the intestinal microflora are observed. It has been noticed that people taking Reishi mushroom preparations for preventive purposes are much less likely to be affected by viral infections, they have stronger immunity.

Oncological diseases

The active components of the fungus fight against the development of tumors, both benign and malignant. With regular admission, cell growth is activated, the task of which is to protect the human immune system, lengthening their life cycle, all immunological parameters of cancer patients also significantly improve.

Autoimmune diseases

Due to the presence of natural immunomodulators, the Reishi mushroom prolongs the period of remission. In addition to the listed diseases, Ganoderma and based on it preparations are used in the treatment of: diffuse pathologies of kidney and liver diabetes of hepatitis of various pathologies of the central nervous system, sleep disorders, poisonings.

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